Rave Reviews for “Big Girl Panties”

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“Brilliant, Useful, Entertaining Book”
“Hysterically funny and helpful all in one”
“Big Girl Panties a delightful treat”
“Good Things Come in Small Packages”
“Laughing though self-help – fantastic Roz!”
“A good read and a real winner!”
“What a combination!”
“Delightful How-To Guide for Smart Living”
“Positively refreshing! Roz rocks!!”

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Review on “Therapist-Psychologist.com”

[Excerpt]  Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It is like having a conversation with a girlfriend who’s been on the road and learned a thing or two, and returned with great tales to tell.  Author Roz Van Meter is a life coach, counselor, and storyteller who writes like she talks.

Big Girl/Little Girl are metaphors for head and heart, sense and sensibility, rationality and emotion. Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It  has big dollops of both.

There are plenty of other books that say “you’re a complex/you’re a syndrome/how’d you get so messed up?” Now women have something else: a friendly how-to guide that respects their strengths and shows them how to use good judgment (Big Girl) and still enjoy fun and pleasure while protecting their vulnerability (Little Girl).

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[Excerpt]  This book is flipping hilarious and I’m glad I had the opportunity to read it. Anyone who has those inner conflicts (including those of us who are passive-aggressive – you know who you are!) should check it out. Roz is a riot, but totally realistic in her advice on how to “suck it up and deal with it” in a practical way.

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Review on “Curled Up With A Good Book”

[Excerpt]   We can all use some smart, sassy advice now and then, and author/therapist/life coach Roz Van Meter is that sassy big sister we all wish we had when things aren’t going our way. Put Your Big Girl Panties On… is a witty and motivating book that shakes you up and gets you out of your little girl pity place but quick!

Van Meter uses personal wisdom, insight and lots of humor to offer up some great tips for getting what you want out of life and acting like a big girl even as you honor that vulnerable child within. Whether it’s rediscovering your sensuality, moving through tough times, getting back in touch with your passion for life or making relationships work better, this book has something to say about it, usually something funny and inspiring.

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From review by Kathy Howe:

How exactly am I supposed to say NO to a book with a title like that!?!?!?!

>From Chapter One: Women Rule!


“I love women.

Oh, I’m crazy about men too, but there is nothing like a woman who has stormed through her own personal deliverance with guts and gusto and lived to tell the tale to others.

As I think back to some of the women I’ve counseled through the years and have come to know deeply, I’m still amazed at their courage and creativity.

Some of them are now in their seventies. Others are just starting out. We all have one thing in common: we became fiercely determined to get custody of ourselves.


Do you SEE why I loved her so quickly!?!?

What woman on this planet hasn’t at one point or another had to reclaim custody of herself? Be it a bad job situation that needed to be straightened out or a terrible relationship we needed to either salvage or leave behind. It could have been something major or something minor, the size of the event doesn’t matter. What matters is women…ALL WOMEN…need to get custody of themselves at least once in their lives.

And to do it, we must be fierce and determined and unrelenting about our mission.

Roz Van Meter GETS that.

To say that I love this book is an understatement. I want to take this book on a vacation with me, myself and I and I want to study it and actually act on all of the ideas that it presented to me or that I came up with from reading the book.

The book is inspiring which is a subject that I always tend to enjoy. But unlike most inspirational books that solely focus’ on getting you to where you need to be, Roz also points out that where you are at this exact moment in time, isn’t total rubbish either.

Even the finest silver needs to be polished now and again.

I could seriously go on and on about this book but I want you to read it and love it for yourself. I don’t want to tell you everything but I will tell you one of my favorite things in the book is Chapter Two: A Loving Letter.

The chapter is wonderful but the key part of the chapter is that at one point, when she was torn between needing to wear her big girl panties and [still being stuck] in her little girl britches, she wrote herself a letter that was only to be opened and read on a very bad day.

“In case of depression, break seal.”

[It was] a loving letter to remind herself that she can get through anything. She will always support herself and so will those around her that care about her.

Her letter was short but powerful and best of all – her letter worked. She broke that seal when depression set in and was reminded that she had been through tough times before. She could get through this too.

I’ll close this review with an assignment for myself that I hope you will assign to yourself.

I’m going to write myself a loving letter. One that reminds me of my good traits, happy times, and how I triumphed over challenges in the past. I’m also going to include in my letter to myself tips for getting through those dumpy, slumpy times. What have I done before that worked to cure those moody blues?

If you want to read a book from a woman that GETS it you really need to read this book. She is sharp and witty and she doesn’t offer up an ounce of fluffy bullshit anywhere in the book. She is real, she is honest and she is an author I will seek out again and again when I am looking for books.

Roz Van Meter is DAMN COOL PEOPLE.