Life Coaching isn’t just about “finding yourself” or “getting more” in your life.

Life coaching can be a valuable exploration for anyone who simply isn’t jazzed up about their day to day existence. Whether you’re looking for huge life changes, or just a little more daily inspiration, a life coach like Roz can help you get to the path you most desire and create the new thinking and habits to keep you there!

Meet some typical life coaching clients:


What did she want? To take care of herself during a horrendous upheaval and multiple scandals in her big-city school district. To learn how to handle difficult people and situations. To rediscover what her deep passions were and are. To create a plan for activating her lifelong dream.

What did she get? Survived the downsizing and political machinations without getting hooked in. Went after and got her ideal job, away from the infighting — a virtual entrepreneurial position that allows her to make a significant difference in the lives of teachers and students. Designed a concrete, year-by-year plan for creating her dream — a retreat center in the part of the country she loves best. She is already researching property there.


What did she want? Initially, to get her house uncluttered and write an article for a major magazine about the experience of having Roz coach her. Also to improve her relationship with her beloved husband, on whom she had become too dependent — it was easier to let him solve problems, instead of solving them herself.

What did she get? She recommitted to herself and her freelance writing, and got calmer and much better organized. (She is strongly ADD.) She completely revamped her home office, buying a paper shredder after backing up important drafts of her writing on Zip disks. Later reorganized her whole house. Eventually turned her office into a lovely studio with new bookcases and French doors onto a little garden. Took hold and solved problems she would ordinarily have turned over to her husband, including dead car battery and crashed computer.


What did she want? She’s a CPA and lawyer, the mother of twin toddler girls, and co-owner with her husband of a financial planning company. Was overwhelmed and feeling guilty about everything she wasn’t doing perfectly. Reluctant to delegate responsibility. Overworked, over committed, over responsible, overextended.

What did she get? She now runs her company like an executive, not a Pleaser as she had done before. We rehearsed her confrontations with a belligerent employee, set down ground rules for meetings. She uses timers and tiny alarm clocks to help her set limits on her own time. Has hired many more employees. Appointed a highly effective office manager, and so is buffered from needy employees. Takes Mondays off, plans to add Thursdays soon. She’s in charge of her life now.


What did she want? She is a practicing physician in Europe. She wanted to complete her dissertation before her second child was born (5 weeks).

What did she get? Many genuine disruptions kept getting in her way. She got more frustrated for a couple of weeks, then agreed to relax and enjoy her remaining time. Had an easy delivery and is hugely enjoying her baby and his big sister. Is back to practicing medicine now, hasn’t finished the dissertation and is OK with that. She was credential-obsessed and has now eased off. One day she’ll finish the PhD, but she doesn’t feel anxious about it any more. She is enjoying life.


What did they have in common?All are intelligent, motivated, creative, have a good sense of humor, and were ready to work and change.

What else? Each was/is willing to try new ideas, jettison old Shoulds, reconnect with loved ones, learn to listen to their inner wisdom and claim the life they really want.

What kind of relationship did we have? With two of the women, ultimately a deep friendship. With the others, a relaxed, collegial one. Occasionally with all, an affectionate nudge from their Accountability Coach.