Redrawing Your Life Map

You have been drawing your Life Map since you were very young. Part of its structure is genetic, your neurological inheritance. Most of it, though, you picked up through your perceptions and experiences, through what you saw around you, how … Continue reading

Deconstructing Stress

If you are like most people in this harried society, you sometimes feel like your own internal structure is starting to shake. This is a sure sign that it’s time to get back to a simpler life. Pressure from urgent deadlines, … Continue reading

Entrepreneur’s Q&A

This tip is derived from a business coaching Q&A for budding entrepreneurs. Even if that’s not you professionally, it may well fit personally. Enjoy! Q: What questions should people who are considering self-employment ask themselves, in terms of personal attributes, … Continue reading


To me, starting a new year is like opening the door to a lovely floating stairway.  All I have to do is point it toward where I really, REALLY want to go, and then just take one step at a … Continue reading

Communication Renovation

Is it tussle-time around your place? Time to air out grievances, or get some support? To avoid turning a lively discussion into an argument, here are principles and strategies that really work. Try them on for size. 1. Take Turns … Continue reading

50 Ways To Celebrate Your Life!

1)    Pay attention to your body’s signals. 2)    Whatever is offered, ask yourself, “Does this fit for me?” Honor your answer. 3)    What fit yesterday may not fit today, then may fit again tomorrow, and that’s cool. 4)    Listen to … Continue reading

Getting Unstuck

Some years ago I gave a series of 6-week coaching courses, with my friend Carol Bowman, that we called More Power To You. When I rediscovered this material recently, I knew I wanted to share it. We all feel stuck sometimes. … Continue reading

Getting Custody of Your Life

I’ve become a kind of evangelist for getting entrepreneurial about your own happiness. Because I’ll tell you something. Nobody in this world is as big an expert on You as You—who knows as much about what you want, and what’s … Continue reading

Re-Sparking Your Marriage

Even the closest, happiest marriages can sometimes get into the doldrums… Stuck and stagnant, shipmates bored with each other and in dire need of a fresh breeze to fill their sails again. There are natural rhythms that relationships go through. … Continue reading

Feeling Safe

I like this quote from playwright Rose Franken: “Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.” But that’s just me. Maybe my adult games are too silly to be right for you. You know what fits … Continue reading