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Interested in exploring how Life Coaching with Roz can take you places you’ve been trying to go?

If you live in or near Dallas, call 214.361.0500 and leave your name, number, and the best time for me to return your call. We will have a quick chat  to learn about your goals and see whether you would like to continue with a later appointment.

If you live elsewhere, we will still have that quick chat and then, if you want to, we’ll schedule ongoing appointments by telephone. Just leave your name and phone number at 214.361.0500, and tell me a good time to call you back. At that time we’ll either immediately have our 30 minutes, or make a definite appointment for it.


Before you talk with Roz, the following questions might help you zero in on what you’d like to talk about.

First, click on About You and answer whatever comes to mind. If nothing, then skip that question.

Then, use the same approach — whatever comes to mind — to this Getting Unstuck process. Just skip any question that doesn’t fit for you:

  1. What would you like to change (about the situation, about yourself in it, or both)?
  2. How will you know when you’ve changed? How will you be acting? Feeling?
  3. What methods have you tried so far? What happened when you did?
  4. Do you have internal reservations about making these changes? Is your little-voice-within saying “Yes, but … if I do I might…?
  5. What does that tell you about your beliefs, attitudes, habits, patterns, and concerns around this subject? As always, any answer is OK.
  6. Very important: What is there about that belief or pattern, however illogical, that is trying to get something positive for you (keep you safe, let you off the hook, try to get you more personal time, get other people to do it for you, avoid the unknown, keep you looking/feeling heroic, etc.).
  7. What is there about it that’s working against you, however well-intentioned it might be?
  8. If you were to turn it around, what would be an attitudinal antidote?
  9. What would be a behavioral antidote?
  10. If you were to make that into a real-world homework assignment for yourself, what would it be?
  11. How would that new attitude be more in line with your present value system?
  12. Besides your coach, what resources do you have or need (buddies, declarations, incentives, rewards, counselor) to help you follow through?