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Roz Van Meter is currently promoting her newest book,
Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It.

Talking points about the Book and Author:

    1. What exactly do you mean by big girl and little girl panties?
    2. How can they work together?
    3. Can you give me an example from your own life?
    4. Is it ever okay to let the little girl be in the driver’s seat?
    5. What is an “inner smoke alarm”?
    6. How does this “inner smoke alarm” work with relationships?
    7. What happens if people routinely let their impulsive part make decisions for them?
    8. Your book refers to “Aunties in your panties.” What is that all about?
    9. In the book you refer to “running your fences.” What does that mean?
    10. Are big girl and little girl panties another way of talking about left brain and right brain?
    11. How did you come to write this book?
    12. How much of the book draws on your own personal experiences?


Roz Van Meter won Best Actress of the Year at SMU, but declines to say in what decade. Her first grown-up job was as a modeling instructor, after which she worked as a TV promotion magazine editor, advertising copywriter and account executive, communication consultant to the state of Texas, and seminar presenter.

After fifteen years of mothering and job-hopping, she decided she needed to re-balance her life. She returned to graduate school, got a masters degree, and became a marriage and family therapist and an AASECT certified sex therapist (the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists).

Roz has taught at four colleges and was the regular guest editor on an ABC affiliate television talk-show. She has been featured on radio in Dallas and New York, where host Jonny Bowden says she lit up the phone lines every time she was on. She shines on call-in shows with an extraordinary gift for connecting with people, listening into what they say, and helping them create the life they really want. Bowden says, “She’s funny, bright, empathetic, sometimes tough, always kind.”

In seminars as well as private counseling, Roz combines the powerful impact of family and cultural myths and stories with present-day, pragmatic how-to’s for creating a satisfying life.

After the release in 1994 of her book “Passion! Reclaiming The Fire In Your Heart,” she was brought into a Fortune 500 company to design and deliver seminars about personal power and responsibility—essentially, rejuicing their employees after a traumatic downsizing. Years later the legal department of the same corporation hired her yet again. The high point of that seminar was the creation of an impromptu kazoo band.

Wanting to explore more widely, in 2002 she became a certified life coach, helping clients in life transitions. Her clients have included CEOs, stay-at-home moms, writers, physicians, and musicians from all across the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and France.

Roz has been featured in several national and regional publication’s articles:

  • USA Weekend (“Goodbye Couch, Hello Coach”)
  • Family Circle’s Personal Planner (“To Get A Life, I Got A Life Coach”)
  • front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s millenium edition (“Getting It Together”)

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Danielle Jackson
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630-961-3900 ext. 226


  • USA Weekend magazine: Full-page article about Roz as life coach
  • Family Circle’s Personal Planner, 4-pg article with photos: “To Get a Life, I Got a Life Coach”
  • Cosmo and Redbook: Roz is a frequent go-to source for answers and tips re relationships
  • Catalina Magazine (Latina) — “Ask Roz” column for a year
  • Over 2,000 links on Google, including links to national magazines featuring Roz
  • Four websites, including one dedicated to Roz’s ebook, Sizzling Sex in 30 Days


  • Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Diplomate (see Professional Affiliations, below)
  • Roz has counseled or coached over 10,000 people and taught at four colleges


  • AASECT Sex Therapist Diplomate (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists). Roz is one of only eight certified sex therapists in Texas. AASECT is the most highly regarded, rigorous credentialing body of professional in the area of sexuality.
  • Clinical member of AAMFT, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, with 23,000 members. Roz has been a presenter at their national conferences.
  • Trained and credentialed as an ICF Professional Certified Coach — certified by the 8,000-member International Coach Federation — and is a life coach to clients from many countries.
  • Member of Coachville, international business and personal coaching society, 67,000 members.
  • Certified Life Coach. On the advisory board for the Institute for Life Coach Training, which has trained and certified over 1,500 life coaches in its 3-year existence.
  • As one of only eight certified sex therapists in Texas, Roz is the go-to sex therapy expert for North Texas gynecologists. She corresponds with over 500 physicians, sharing new research findings and treatments for women’s health and relationship issues.
  • Recently named in-house sex and relationship therapist for a new women’s health center. Through a connection at CNN, Roz plans to promote the center as the 21st Century version of Masters and Johnson.


  • Former advertising copywriter and account executive.
  • Promotions for Channel 8, including editing a promotion magazine.
  • PR for grand opening of new Hilton hotel in ‘70s.
  • Sold 9,000 copies of PASSION! Reclaiming the Fire in Your Heart via seminars, author-arranged and promoted bookstore signings, and Dupont contract.


  • Regular guest editor on a local talk show, WFAA-TV, ABC affiliate. Many years ago, no tape.
  • Wooed five times in the past three years by national and international TV development entities (Optimon, BBC, Fox, TLC, Travel) to be host or resident expert on prospective reality TV shows
  • Designed and delivered seminars for Dupont Company on personal renewal and the power of choice. Received highest ratings of any training in the division’s history.


  • Lifesavors bi-weekly newsletter with brief self-help essays, humor, and quotes. 3,600 subscribers
  • Three self-published books: LIFE SAVOR: How to Turn On Delight; PASSION! Reclaiming the Fire in Your Heart; Sizzling Sex In 30 Days: Secrets and Solutions from a Certified Sex Therapist
  • Chapter: “Coaching Creative People with Lightness and Humor” in Norton Professional Books’ The New Private Practice