“Big Girl” Coaching

Dance to your own tune...For Women who want to get where they’re going.

If you’ve been pushing the rock uphill and not feeling like you’re getting anywhere, it may be time for coaching.

Perhaps you’ve got a friend, colleague or mentor who’s spoken of coaching, but you’ve been to self-conscious to ask what that is or how it helps them? THIS is a good place to start.

Becoming a Big Girl takes a little bravery and a solid decision to do it. Once you start, though… you won’t be able to go back!

Big Girl Coaching is the basis of my book, Put On Your Big Girl Panties and Deal with It! so if you want to start with that, by all means, buy the book!


… dance to your own tune, not somebody else’s, and sit a dance out when you want to

… indulge the Little Girl inside yourself at times, but NEVER let her drive the car

… know the difference between big stuff and small stuff, and act accordingly

… refuse to leap tall buildings in a single bound, even if you think you could

… hunt down the nasty procrastination bug and smash the sucker

… don’t allow others to sop you up and wring you out

… celebrate your own unique, bodacious beauty

… choose which voices from the past to heed and which to weed

… stand guard over the Little Girls right to play, even be naughty sometimes

… value the gift of life by gently crafting it into the shape YOU want

Sound like the you you know you can be? Ready for a little help?

Core questions:

  • What would you like to get from coaching?
  • How will you know you’re getting what you want?
  • What is your personal style for setting and achieving goals?
  • If you were to sabotage yourself, how would you be likely to do it?

What has worked for you in the past to overcome self-sabotage? HINT: All self-sabotage comes from the Little Girl part of you! Think about it. Read the book for a complete understanding and specific strategies for staying in your Big Girl Panties while taking good care of the vulnerable, sometimes needy, sometimes anxious little kid.

Core principles of big Girl Coaching:

Whatever happens, there is always another way to look at it, approach it, and handle it. We’ll find solutions together.

Stress isn’t what happens to you. It’s how you deal with it … and you can choose to respond instead of react.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, get more creative. Just doing the wrong thing harder and faster doesn’t make it work!

When you learn to think like a grown-up and enjoy life like a kid, you can manage anything and have fun in the process.

Forward-Only Theory:

  • Every decision you make or situation you’re in is perfect.
  • It either gets you what you want or teaches you a lesson.
  • If you end up repeating the lesson, it is just because you have more to learn.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then let’s talk!

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