Life Coach, Author & Personal Partner
-Roz Van Meter

DSC_5172I’m Roz Van Meter, life coach, author and personal partner — a listening ear, behavior modification buddy, and caring partner as you solve problems and reach for delight.

Like many of my clients, you might have already met me through my books and realized that you want more LIFE in your life. Perhaps you’d like more of some things (confidence, communication, connection, pleasure) and less of others (burn-out, frustration, worry, stress).

Think of me as a personal trainer for your life, helping you figure out what you want more of, what you’d like less of, and what your target life will look and feel like. We’ll start with where you are and where you want to go. Perhaps you’ll want the power of our partnership when you’re making a life transition, re-evaluating life choices, improving your relationship(s), or simply looking for personal breakthroughs. The choice of what we work on is completely up to you.

I’ll be your sounding board for solutions to the particular challenges you’re currently facing. Sometimes I’ll be a mentor, other times a behavior modification buddy, and always a cheerleader. We’ll create a powerful alliance in which you find yourself:

  • doing more than you’d do on your own;
  • taking yourself more seriously while always respecting your inner wisdom;
  • creating momentum and consistency;
  • taking more effective and focused actions;
  • becoming a superb communicator; and
  • getting more balanced, comfortable, and fulfilled.

Regardless of your goals, I invite you to a complimentary half-hour phone conversation to discuss them. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call 214.361.0500 and leave your name and number. I will call you back to arrange a time for that getting-to-know-you phone appointment.  And if there is something in my book, Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It, that you’d particularly like to pursue, just email me at

You can create the life you want right now, and enjoy many years as your best, fulfilled self, instead of being bogged down in frenzy, frustration, or that vague is-this-all-there-is feeling.

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